Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just A General How Do You Do

The weather roller coater is really doing a number on our joints and back, and yesterday we slept in so long we decided to skip the coffee, which resulted in a day of being comatose and an early night to bed. Part of our decision to leave the house today and get some fresh air.

We ended up getting invited to the family gathering on Thursday night, and decided today that we'll go. After this blog entry we'll hit the shower and then the road.

It might be one of the last times we get to see Grandma, and that's the driving source behind our decision, even though last time we saw her it was really hard. Also, we're sure our absence would do nothing but encourage family members to talk, and speculate, as to our whereabouts - we've been to enough family gatherings to know how that goes with other people who aren't around. They like to talk, and gossip, and talk.

Anyway, we'll going to try to keep politics off of the table, because we don't really need to have discussions with people who aren't informed. Heads up: we'll be re-reading the new UN Arms Treaty, just in case, even though we already know it has provisions for granting and keeping personal rights to firearms written in there, the gun-totting conspiracy theorists, however, make their wild claims. Some of these conspiracy theorists reside in our family...should be fun. *shakes head Nooooooo*

"They" (conspiracy theorists) are the kinds of people who want to tell you who you can love, and what decisions you can make with your body, but GOD FORBID you touch their guns...even though nobody is trying to, they will spread their conspiracy. Meanwhile, government imposing on real human rights, why should they care...they have guns. BUT DON'T TOUCH THEM.

(if you know us from our past writing, or from following us on social media, you know that we are not anti-gun, far from it...)

We digress. Lest we get too fired we did Wednesday night when we posted this to Facebook at 1:35am:

"We've spent some time on various "news sources" (wacko websites spewing speculation and ignorance based on news, so shit deep you could scuba dive for days) this evening, reading the most outrageous conspiratorial bullshit we've ever read in our entire life...and trust us, we've made simple claims in the past that have made people slap the conspiracy label on us. But these people, with their hate-
speak, backed with uninformed ignorance, are borderline dangerous to the general public.

Tonight, however, we also learned that reading and comprehension is as much dead as common sense, and they go hand in hand. Well, we had our suspicion anyway...

First, people (proud gun tottin' citizens) should realize:
The government, and the people in your country, do not want to take away your godforsaken guns. They want regulation to keep the "free" people of this country safer. If you are not being deceptive, or planning on breaking the law, regulation should not make you crazy with irrational fear. Going all batshit over it makes you look like you are guilty of something, or trying to get away with something. It's highly suspicious.

Second, separation of church and state is simply that. By preaching politics at the pulpit, while taking advantage of government tax exemption, churches are breaking the guidelines set forth by the constitution. THEY are the ones disrespecting the constitution.

Third, church and state being separate also means that according to the constitution you are not allowed to make laws based on your religious belief. That's what SEPARATE means.

Stop cherry picking the constitution and warping it to fit your needs, as a document it's pretty clear cut. Blowing shit out of proportion because of selfishness, hatred, and irrational fear of the wild creations that exist in your imagination, is what is destroying America. Hatred, intolerance, greed.

Furthermore, it's deplorable and disgusting for humans to stand by their guns and constitution, waving the flag, "preaching" their "unalienable God given rights", preaching Gods love, and claiming things like ACCESS TO FOOD ISN'T A BASIC RIGHT GRANTED BY GOD.
It's not just a right, it's a requirement as a living creature*.

Guns are a right, but nutrition isn't??

Are you fucking kidding.

Some people need their heads screwed on straight.

(*You want to talk about how over time people have come to depend on businesses to provide affordable food, as resources and incentive to grow, raise and prepare your own declined under the industrialized of the food supply, we can have that conversation.)"

Anyway, like we said...we have to go shower, and prepare...for trying to keep our mouth shut.

~ Frankie et al

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