Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It All Comes Tumbling Down...

After struggles with the property seller agent, who told his broker (boss) that WE never signed a purchase agreement, after we signed the purchase agreement, after the inspections a week and a half a go ( and after we went in with the amended offer,

Obviously his claim we never signed the purchase agreement is false, both we (including James), and his seller, signed it before we scheduled the inspections. Plus we have the documents to prove it.
The seller agent is also saying he has another offer coming in this week for the property...which isn't even legal with a signed purchase agreement.

Our agent went to the broker (the seller agents boss) after the seller agent up and went on vacation after throwing a fit, and leaving our agent hanging last week (

So after our agent laid it all out for the broker on Monday, he said he's been getting a completely different story from his agent and so all the communications, paperwork, inspection info, etc. has been forwarded to the broker. She reminded the broker that they are required to tell the "other buyers" (if there is indeed one) about the failed septic inspection, the environmental hazards, the well issues, the structure problems. It's only "as-is" if they don't know anything...and now they know everything and have legal requirements to disclose much of it.

After all of this, today we finally got word on the latest amendment (they had not agreed to the first one so we submitted one that was our final offer, because we can't afford to pay more PLUS invest roughly $60,000 in renovations/new well/new septic/new siding/new roof/plus more), and they will not budge on the price, despite us being told that after the inspection we could amend it if there were things we found that we had no expected. And there was, to the tune of at least $20,000 more than we were already expecting.

Our dreams all came tumbling down today, as we were forced to pull out of the agreement.
Anybody who has talked to us about this property with any of us knows what a crushing blow this is on many levels.

There has been crying, from both us and James, as the dream we have been talking about, that we had in out grasp...disappears right before our eyes.

This is not the week we expected. We were already supposed to be in the house and starting on the, we are almost back to square one, and the pressure is on because The Mother and Stepdad would have preferred we were out of the basement by now.

Now, we panic, we cry, we question everything...but we move on...and probably go buy a new bottle of Gin.

And build another dream.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this. You are definitely in our thoughts. -hugs-

  2. Heartbreaking. I'm so so sorry.

  3. I know it sounds trite, but after 44 years of living -- I have really come to believe that there are usually reasons why certain things don't work out. Hopefully moving forward will bring you all around to something even better that you didn't expect to find. Keeping you all in my thoughts.