Friday, October 26, 2012

Let's Do The Limbo

So...the 20 acre property that was our backup plan has offers on it...the agent (who was the very first agent in the area where we are searching) said he'd keep up updated, because offers, and purchase agreements fall through all the time. We're a perfect example of that.

So far? So far a counter offer is in play, and we'll be informed if the deal goes through. If it doesn't we are poised to scoop up the property. It was the first property we viewed in the area five months ago, and at this point we will cry so many tears of happiness if we manage to squeeze into into it. So far? So far since we've gotten the bad news we have slept until near noon, distracted ourselves with matters of the world via news, drowned ourselves in Twitter, lost time and disappear to nowhere-land, and drink (at a reasonable hours, and not too much extra).

If we think about it our crushed dreams, we'll cry.

There's a general unspoken issue in the house. We had a cry, and a hug, with The Mother - apologizing for having to stay longer in her house, and expressing our disappointment with the whole thing. We still haven't mentioned it to The Stepdad...we're not sure how to breach the subject, only exist each day and feel uncomfortable here. Hopefully Mother said something...but it's doubtful because she tends to be passive on issues that she fears...(but aggressive the rest of the time).

This is limbo. We've been searching on real estate sites, trying to come to terms with the idea of flipping a house this winter, just to not be a burden in this house and have a place to live...

If the 20 acres sells, we'll be flipping a house in a city for the next year. Until then, limbo.

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  1. I am sure that the Universe has something good in store for you. Sometimes what seems a tragedy now can become the beginning of a path that leads you to your dreams. The road may not be easy and you may not understand why certain things go the way they do, but in the end it will all make sense. and I am not just saying this to placate you. I truly believe this to be so due to experiences I have had over the past 4 years. I had many WTF? moments but now I am exactly where I want to be. In those moments I could not see how I would get to where I am, but I trusted the guidance( god, goddess whatever you call it) I was given and hoped. I will dance prayers for you energize your dreams. keep strong and have faith :)