Thursday, October 11, 2012

Headed Towards An Off The Grid Life

Tomorrow we're having most of the inspections on the house done. Septic, well, and house.

A roughly 6 hour drive one way, a couple hours of inspections, and return trip home back. We're saving money by not renting a hotel room, just like we did last time, the day we signed the paperwork. It's going to be a long day.

For people who have lived their entire life in the city, septic systems and wells may be confusing things, because in the city those are called city water and sewage, and they are city (public/government) operated. In the county those services aren't so much services as private responsibilities of property owners. Our dream, for the future, is to have geothermal, solar or windmill energy; so that, aside from the internet (which will be satellite service) , we will be living off the grid...someday. So far, we've got water, gas and sewage, off the grid (the furnace, water heater and stove/oven will be gas appliances).

It's going to be interesting, we haven't lived a life mostly off the grid since we were 13 years old...we really never thought we'd want to go back, but 20 years changes a person, we've been around enough, we've seen enough, we've lived in enough is the time for something different.

That's it for now, tomorrow will be a long and expensive day...and it's just the start of many of the same.

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