Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's In The Mail

Today we sent our absentee election ballot in.

Our voting is now done for the 2012 Elections.

Why absentee? We expect to be living in a different state, with any luck, on the day of election and won't be a resident to vote in that state in time and won't have 12 hours to "waste" at that point to drive all the way back to the city where we are supposed to vote. (generally you have to live in a state for at least 30 days before you are considered a resident there)

The house we are in the process of purchasing closes on the 22nd, though the paperwork they signed has the 25th listed on it, which works because we are in the middle of an addendum to our signed agreement after the inspections last Friday and the date is coming fast, we could use a couple more days for negotiations. We hope to hear back from them before the weekend. *fingers crossed*.

There is still a chance the deal will fall through; it simply comes down to the seller (bank) realizing the actual state of the house and property. If it falls through we'll be looking to moving to a large city for awhile, or putting an offer on another property in the area that we've been watching for the same amount of time we've been watching this one (almost five months).

James got his government ID to legally be allowed to work in this country, so he's halfway to being a legal resident in this country. We're pretty excited about it. The only thing that's left is an interview with immigration sometimes in the next month or so.

If two years ago, if one year ago, you said this would be our life now...we'd thought YOU were the insane one. While no day is perfect (nor should we expect it to be), and there are still many of the same issues (back pain/body pain/mental health difficulties) on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis...most of us feel we have a lot to be thankful for, and will hopefully have more if this house deal pulls through! We'll be so busy and stressed trying to get the house reno done quickly...and we'll be thankful for it.

We're not ashamed to share our vote:

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