Tuesday, August 14, 2012


All that is needed to know about yesterday (we had a tough relationship day yesterday) is the stress of our living conditions sometimes has an effect on James. Not that he dislikes living with The Mother - but he's a 36 year old adult man, and is living in the United States because he loves us, and wants to be with us, not because he desired at any point to move to the United States. Quite the contrary, actually. Plus all the other factors, like he's not allowed to work (yet). He's so far away from the home he knows and loves (England), even though he's here now, and we will build a home together, it doesn't yet feel like home for him.

There are also thing about being in a relationship with someone who has DID that aren't always easy - according to him...*shrugs*....we don't always understand, because we think we're as normal as females are, generally speaking.
We're written about some of the issues before (we're pretty sure), and so has he, when he used to blog.

We still don't think we're worth it, and some of us know we aren't.

It can be very lonely for him here, he had gone off Twitter about eight months ago for various reasons, much to our displeasure, because being in a fairly remote area of the United States Twitter is a real form of socializing for us, and him. Not to mention all the people he knows are either in England, or on Twitter.

Last night James (The Boyfriend) decided to come back to Twitter again, for a few reasons. We hope he stays this time, but he's got short patience for people on the site, especially in regards to how they interact with us, but hopefully being back with his own group of friends there will overshadow the bad parts.

Meanwhile, we're taking a road trip again this weekend to look at a new piece of real estate that hit the market today. We can't stop looking just because we're waiting on the one we have had our eye on, that needs to reduce in price a bit more...it's been two months since something has come on the market in our specifications range, so we have to try and keep our mind open to the possibilities that are presented. We're still hopeful for the Weeping Willow property, but we have to stay realistic...and we only have about another month or so before we have to move out of The Mother's house. So there's that.

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  1. Hehehe we were wondering how to push our forehead forward to hit center spot! Just for fun though today is not so stressful - other days there will be new opportunities ;) I feel for you on the statement on disbelief that "you" are worth it ... and think that it must apply to so many of us. I don't mean to normalize the experience or minimalize, just my ears perk up when it's put out there again. Sort of like the clap of thunder waiting for the rain. ::::::::sending umbrella:::::::::: if you want one :) It's got on it pictures of galoshes!

    Our best,