Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slipping Away

Slipping from our grasp is our dream property (Weeping Willow).
Disappointment is hard to mask, it's been coming in waves as we try to discuss with James the positive sides to the property in second running.

We won't get into too much detail, but we have news today about it...and we wait to hear more, but it is not promising.

Once we tried to explain to The Mother what it was like, why we keep waiting for this particular property, because there is another property we could be fairly happy with, not three miles from the one we have been waiting months for, and we are sure she wonders why we just don't put an offer on that one (even though it is half the acreage, and the house is half the square footage, and the property itself, half as enchanting). We still wanted to wait for the Weeping Willow property, because love.

"Imagine you are in love with a man, and for some reason you can't have him, you can't be with him, so you compromise and you date a guy who is by all means amazing, and you know you could be perfectly happy with him forever.
Imagine you'd still have to see the man you love every week, or be near him, everyday.
That's why we haven't given up on the Weeping Willow property."

While it may not be the best analogy, it's how we feel when we think about giving up on the property too soon. That's what we think about when we think of throwing all our chips in and going with the "second best" property immediately, before it too is gone. The one we always loved, all along, will be right there...and what if we jump too soon, and the pending offer on the property falls through, and we have to know...if we had just waited.

This is one of those times when life will force the hand, however. As far as we can tell the house is off the market as of today, sale pending. While this happened to the property we have in second running, and it ended up back on the market, we almost can't afford to be that hopeful...but until the ink is dry and we get word of it, we will still wait, like a desperate lover waiting for their soul mate.

So, in the meantime, we fret. There has been tears, and not just from us. A missive disappointment...but for the next few days we hold onto the hope, even as it slips away.

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