Saturday, August 4, 2012

We Get Graphic II

Oh, us?

We've been working on t-shirt designs the last few days, it's a good distraction from drinking and stressing out, and dissipates some of our anxiety (if only temporarily), especially since it's been hard to find a comfortable enough place to paint...until the pain from sitting intently at the computer complies with the regular, and we open a bottle of wine.

We've done five new designs over the last couple of days, plus this one with 5 variations.

This one is our favourite new one:

We've also sold our VERY FIRST item from the store (to a social media friend from California)! Three shot glasses with the 'Be Heard' graphic.

It's just a fun way to spend time while we wait for the property we are waiting on to drop in price again.

You can find our complete collection, just about 30 designs, at:

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