Saturday, August 25, 2012

Busy Body

The good news is the house remains on the market.

The bad news is we still have at least two weeks to wait until we can put an offer on.

In the meantime, amidst a giant community garage sale, we will be canning MORE case you wondered about our general lack of blog entries, and sanity.

Canning has been taxing on our back, but it's been a good test of our ability to withstand it next year, with our own garden and farm.

We could use a injection of some sort of foam between our vertebra, to make up for all the degenerating and desiccated disks. And a new set of shoulders/shoulder blades. And a new neck. And a tight strap around our skull.
Or affordable health insurance for our pre-existing condition, and some tranquillizer pain killers.

What's a body to do.

Push on, through the pain. it's all that life really is, in some way or another.

Now, back to the canning!

Update, 6:31pm:
Four hours of picking, washing, blanching, peeling, cooking, and canning...
- 4 quarts canned whole tomatoes
- 5 quarts tomato sauce with fresh basil
- 3 pints tomato sauce with fresh basil

The spoils of the day:

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