Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Response...

We are pretty active on Facebook. Despite family member following us there, just like they do on Twitter, we see no reason to hide who we are, how we feel, what we think...

In an open comment (we make some of our stuff private, accessible to different layers/groups of people we trust on Facebook) we stated the following; and we thought it worth putting here, considering our most recent blog post; and because this is our journal, our notebook, the tracking of our life. It is what it is, as always, read it, or don' are a free person.

"We Are Totally Spazzing Out.

We were never taught to NOT care about people.
We were raised never caring about money. We were raised poor.

All of a sudden it feels like the people who taught us that are wrong, because they don't care about people, now that they have money, and the people aren't the same as them.

It feels confusing.

Sorry if we are wrong, we are being honest about how we feel. And we are sad."

A friend responded to our post, expressing his ill feeling, and so we replied with what is probably a little too impassioned response, but it is true, honest, and ours:

"We this is not the country we grew up in, it is not the country we had pride in...the last time we felt really proud of this country was in 2004..that was the last time. Everything since then has been so greed ridden, and self-interest motivated, and nobody [is] willing to change their ignorant stances. This is an ugly election year, filled with ugly. It's dragging us in. It's seducing us. We can not keep our mouth shut when confronted with blatant lies and misinformation. Greed. Hatred of people. Cloaked in what is supposed to be accepting and loving principles. It's disturbing the shreds of our soul, it makes our heart ache, our stomach queasy, our body ache with fear.

Seriously. It's disgusting us to the very core of our being. Who do people think they are, to tell others who they are, what they should do with their body, how they should live their life.

This is no longer the America of our youth, it's not America at all. It's some warped Hell created by people who think THEY are God."

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We didn't watch the Republican National Convention Tonight, the rhetoric from the first drawn-out night was enough. We know their stance, and while some of us may vary on opinions, at the core we know what is right, what is wrong, and the lies.

While we may be confronted with more lies, the night we flip the channel to the Democratic National Convention, we know the people there have more compassion for people, for society, for American standards, for the ideals this country was founded on and has progressed towards, and so the pill will be easier to swallow...the lies a bit more soft... the Devil we know, a little more accommodating than the one with Red in his eyes, and his trident on the pocketbook of the middle and lower class.

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  1. I agree. Too many hide behind the guise of a few chosen parts taken out of context to validate their opinions and views. Be it the bible or the speeches of others. Name calling, lying and inciting rage and hate are not qualities I look for in a person, let alone one that wants to run a country.