Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Weekend

We had an amazing weekend. Saturday we drove to Baby Brother's place, five hours away, where we spent two nights.

During our visit we were amazed, over and over, about the man he has become. He is a rational mix of everything that we hoped he would become. He is amazing to us. Concious, sensitive and rational about of social issues, yet his same Christian self. Clearly a great husband to his beautiful Christian wife. He has become an example of everything that people should be. Even if we ourselves do not follow the same spiritual path, a history in it makes us appreciate and respect that part of him.
The Father should be proud of the independent Christian man he has raised.

Sunday we met The Father in the town/city near where we, and James, have been looking at property to buy...the future home of our farm. We viewed the three properties which we will be putting offers on in under three weeks. The future is so close.

Sunday night we spent the last night at Baby Brother's house, an hour south of the place we hope to settle. Though we are different in many aspects, we are so much the same. We are proud of who he is.

Tonight Angry Brother, his wife, and his step-son are in house. Family canning at The Mother's has begun. During the day we process the vegetables we can while she is at work, but tonight there is help. The garden is exploding with goodness, and for the next two week we will barely be able to keep up.

We are in a strange place, mentally, right now. Happy...yet yearning for freedom, independence...and our future.

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