Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy Times and Backaches

Warning: this post contains a swear word *feigns shock*
Busy day.

We actually got up by alarm clock today. It's been awhile for that. It's been almost a year (come October), from my recollection.

James had a government appointment (they wanted his fingerprints), and we ran errands. Once he is finally cleared to stay in the United States we'll be sharing with everyone the steps it takes to be a resident (not a citizen) of the United States. There's a lot. We'd (probably) never do a similar deed. But, well...we suck; but people who look down on permanent residents (people here, legally, from foreign countries) - well, they suck even more.
People actually PAY crazy money (more than $5,000 to do it right the first time) and go through tons of hoops and paperwork to be in this country. As far as we can tell, despite this being our home country, and therefore it is HOME, it is not any better than other developed countries we have lived in. You should respect immigrants.

In addition to the two and a half hour round-trip, for a 5 minute appointment, we ran errands locally, picked stuff from one of The Mother's gardens - she has two, one is offsite (not at the house), they total 3,600 sq feet - and canned a bunch of produce that has been backing up.
But who wants to read an entry about gardening and food, right? (fuck you)

Tomorrow's agenda is more canning: beets, more green tomato mincemeat, and another first, Mango Chutney. James' favourite sandwich from a shop back home is Melted Brie and Bacon, and it has Mango Chutney spread on it, so we're going to learn to make it, one of a few things we'll be learning to make over the next year to help chase his homesick blues away.

We'll keep you posted on our recipe creations where that is concerned. It makes us feel like our culinary arts education is not going to waste.

We tried a new recipe today, we'll save sharing for another day.

This weekend we'll be going to see Baby Brother, and then The Father, who will hopefully help us look at our newest property find....we won't jinx it with too many details yet.

Busy times.

We've had a mid-back backache for nearly 24 hours now, we never should have started in the kitchen this afternoon when we got home from errands with the nagging pain already present, now it's growing worse, and we're getting (more) it's time for a Gin break.

Cheers to Thursday.

~ Frank (et al)

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