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'Ghost in His Shells' - A Guest Blogger Writes

Usually we write "better" intros to the Guest Blogger posts.

This one is no less deserving of one, however, we haven't much to say at the time of writing; other than to acknowledge many people have ways of escape, as adults, everybody creates versions of themselves, mostly as a concious effort in order to juggle personal, professional and social situations responsibly; and in the journey of growing up.

We don't really understand that, as our lives have never been a concious choice, rather stemming from our brains desire, as a child, for survival in times of trauma; and each of us are our own person, sometimes nary an overlap. Nor do some of us lend to being very "responsible" at times, despite repeat instruction.

While the differences may seem subtle, to some, one, the adult structuring themself as situation dictates is considered part of being a healthy responsible adult; the other is an (occasionally, sometimes more) disruptive mental "illness". With each of us there is a desire to just be themselves all of the time they are 'out', unfortunately even on occasions when times, places, situations and people, dictate they should be "someone else".

Therefore, we have nothing to say. Guess that was something to say...but not really.

Brian (@Versability) has been our social media friend for over a year now, we have shared much with him privately over the span of that time, enough to be able to consider him a friend, and he is one of the very few we have trusted enough, so far, to share our entire face with. He is a strange, nice, smart, brave guy, our friend Brian.

This is his story...
Ghost in His Shells

Hi…If you haven’t heard of me, I'm Brian Penny...and I've been called a terrorist on occasion for my
actions and ideals…

I spent my 20’s studying business by bouncing around Corporate America. My resume includes, amongst others, stints at MCI (Post-WorldCom), Chase, Circuit City, Countrywide Home Loans, University of Phoenix, American Express, and my most infamous job to date: Bank of America.

On my 30th birthday, while still employed by the bank, I faced my biggest fears by going skydiving. My life changed drastically since I embraced the feeling of losing control and falling. I found myself at the epicenter of the financial and housing crisis; on the corner of Insurance Street and Mortgage Boulevard. I quit my job after several demotions, and one day while drinking heavily to mourn the loss of everything I loved and worked my entire life for, I stumbled into the hive of Anonymous. Through Anonymous I became a whistle-blower, branded my Versability persona online, gained valuable media contacts, and began to change the world…

When I first realized I'm a whistle-blower…when it became palpable…I retreated into a shell, only communicating through Twitter and text, allowing my other me’s control of my immediate reality. Dealing with regulators, high priced attorneys, and law enforcement is scary. My conscious thoughts searched the past for a comfortable spot to view my current position. I observed the world through the eyes of me’s from pivotal points in time. The problems occurred when I reached situations in my reality those me’s couldn't handle. Ten year old me read a lot of books, but he doesn't know a thing about broads so I built other shells…reached forward…and learned to navigate among me’s effectively.

Along my journey, I met a girl…and we connected on a child-like level. Our Banners were in sync, but we feared showing each other the full force of our Hulks. I had to grow up to handle the next stage. We’re approaching the end of the Mayan calendar, and my work is about to pay off in a big way very soon. The fate of a several important financial institutions is in my hands. I couldn't face that while holding on to my innocence. I had to let her go. In doing so, I created another me, and reconnected with myself.

My me’s are busy. I'm diving into meditation and yoga to explore me, myself, and I. I moved to the Scientology capital where I live, work, and play amongst them while exploring their theories. I continue working with Anonymous, following the movement and lending a hand where I can. I'm studying law as a full time college student. I'm working with media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Bloomberg, and the New York Times. I'm writing for several blogs, and keeping in touch with several activists, charities, regulators, and whistle-blowers. Throughout it all, I'm coping with several personal losses, struggling financially, living with a probable pedophile, sleeping on a floor, and starving. I have all the problems of your average low income person mixed in with amazing experiences and dull moments.

Looking back at it all, I wouldn't change a thing. I look in the mirror at every version of me, and I’m proud of who I see. My baby blues are wise beyond their years. The combined force of my detached personalities is sharper than ever before. Through the shit they piled on me and the psychological torture I inflicted upon myself grew a flower. My birthday is coming up…as is Armageddon…the great change… my prediction that I’d take down the bank by the end of the year will soon be put to the test. I know I've got the insurance companies teetering. I've already cost them billions…and Sandy got everyone’s attention in the right place at the right time. I’d love for you to watch me finish them...


So, we're always open to guest bloggers. If you are ever interested in sharing your story, or writing about something that interests you, just let us know. Keeping in mind this is our blog, and we can say "no" to anybody, for any reason, at any time.

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