Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pain Like Fire

Tonight we can feel every part of our body, throbbing from pain.
We tried to push it away...

From our toes to our ankles...calves and thighs. Lower back and everything from there, to the left shoulder blade. All across our shoulders, into the top of our spine and lower part of our skull. Pain like fire.

The only thing that doesn't hurt, is our brain. But if we're being honest, it's just another kind of pain that resides there.

Two more days of the week left to go. If we could sleep forever we would. Sleeping too much hurts.

Oh, how we'd love to just crawl into a corner, away from people, and their breathing, and their existence...remove a pain. Oh, how selfish that makes us.

We can only handle the mask so long, it grows heavy.

Listening to music...trying to numb our mind...ignore the pain. Pain like fire.

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