Saturday, November 17, 2012

Robot Orgasms Extending Human Life

*warning* this post is semi-satirical
Sometimes for what I lack in content, I make up for in ridiculousness.

I'll just leave quality content to one of the rest of us.

Robot sex orgasms? Freaky, right? Unless you consider the widespread us of vibrators, and other electronic sex-aides. Or sex dolls. Or...any other kind of emotionless, human-less, cold, sexual intercourse, with or without a partner.

And it's not too far fetched, robots doing "advanced" human things, while looking like a human, after some countries they are already being trained to work in hospitals.

One must ask, however, is it the orgasm, with or without, a robot, that leads people to a life of longevity, or is the feelings that you are desired, or loved. Is a robot able to make you feel the warmth, that a real person does. Are orgasms all that it takes to be happy...for the long run? After all, what good is a long life if you are not happy in it. Does it matter? (The answer is, yes, it does matter).

Why would you even want a relationship with a robot...

('Agalmatophilia - If You Have It Your Partner Doesn't' -

Laugh all you want, when people jest about the Zombie Apocalypse, that'll be nothing when the Cybernetic Revolt (Robot Apocalypse) arrives...

and they'll start, by taking your women...and your men...and giving them orgasms.

Just a little fun for today.

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