Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day Two...

The second day of work went well. Thank goodness we had been going to the gym and doing cardio/weight lifting the last month, otherwise we'd probably be paralysed. The back pain is worse than it has been, but that's to be expected with this job.

The job we are doing, which will end in just four weeks, involves a lot of lifting, walking, and moving of stuff. It also includes having to be courteous (customer service! eeek!)...which is not always a strong point with us. But so far, we've been doing a good job. It's nice to interact with actual people again...kind of. It's nice to see we can crack jokes and be funny, and a smart ass, in more than written words. We had forgotten that we could do that.

We took a look at a house in town tonight. Total passer. Overpriced, and not in good shape.
Hopefully this weekend we will venture into the country (5+ hours away) and take a look at a 20+ acre farm, the most recently (new) posted one in our price range an din the area we would prefer.

And of course, James is still applying for work locally. Hopefully something will come up soon. His working will be good for him (mentally, physically), and good for our relationship (probably). Spending every waking minute with the same person, day in and day out, is not a healthy by any means. More on THAT...sometime soon...

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  1. Yeah, just wait until you're both old enough to retire. I adore Charlie but some days just want to kick his ass out of the house for a few hours. ;-)