Sunday, September 7, 2014

Closed For The Season

Hopefully once we get caught up we'll have time to dedicate to writing again...but for the meantime extracurricular blog writing is curtailed to mere "soundbites", if anything at all...and here's why.

Fall Semester 2014:
These are the required books for the classes, all of which have to be read and mentally processed into class discussions, assignments and essays, from now to December 10th...

14 books to read...

  • 15 Annotated bibliographies (of outside texts, none of which are these books, meaning we're going to have to read, or at least heavily scan 15 other texts enough to write annotated bibs and use them in an essay)
  • 5 Essays with due dates starting October 28th (4 of which need at least three outside sources that aren't required class texts), plus 1 Midterm essay
  • that's 30 sources (peer-reviews texts and/or books) IN ADDITION to the 14 required texts)..
  • 1 graphic design final exam project
  • Various tests and exams
  • Weekly writing assignments
  • Weekly graphic design assignments
  • Plus contributing found news articles for two separate classes each week.

Plus...we'll still be working (part-time) until at least Halloween, if not Thanksgiving...(they decided to keep the position seasonal after all).
Though the continued income would be nice (not to mention essential), hopefully it's only until Halloween, because it turns out that 18 credits (6 classes) [12 credits/4 classes is considered full time] are overwhelming on their own, never mind cooking and cleaning and essential errands, plus a 40 minute commute twice a day to school/work...

Of course there's always a little time for a bit of Twitter...gals need to relax and have some fun sometimes, yes?

So, we're closed for the season, as it were (shared school-related writing and assignments not withstanding, and a probable final garden report).

Have a beautiful Fall, and may Winter greet you with gentleness. Or may it all rip you apart. It just depends.

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