Friday, September 26, 2014

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: Day Twelve

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It's the second to last full day of this session of the study, which means, like last weekend, it's 6 hours (three sets of 2 hours) of 15 minute breath captures.

The nice thing is that it means a day off from classes, and from work, translating into an extra day to study, and start researching for the six papers due by December 2nd.

Tomorrow is going to be a strange day because it's the "overfeed day", word is that the amount of calories given the first three days to stabilize the system is just a drop in the bucket. So they'll take the 2400 calories that this body requires (based on their tests and calculations) and ramp it up. Based on what's being said a lot of people have a hard time finishing all the food (which is required), and for some it takes them an hour to eat it all.

Go fast and go hard, so far, is the motto stuck in the head.

While it will be the favorite of the three menus (cereal for breakfast,  turkey taco salad for lunch - which includes part of a Hershey bar, and turkey pasta casserole), the idea of overeating is already creating waves of nausea. If anything because it will disrupt the great weight-loss that being experience, which is no close to nine pounds since Monday September 15th (less than two weeks!) - for a grand total of 12 pounds since August 13th.

Also, there's fear that somehow once leaving here the edge of the bandwagon will beckon. We need resolve.

This study has illustrated how important sleep is to weight management, how much the massive amount of alcohol previously ingested on a nightly basis was impacting weight loss - given that, in general, overall calorie intake at the 40%< isn't that much different than what was being ingested before, rather the composition of calories was wrong. (over 1/4 of it being alcohol calories).
Also, as the low carbohydrate diet attempted over 10 years ago [which resulted in a loss of 100 pounds - almost a third of which we've put back in since coming back to the states three years ago] showed, which also required the removal of caffeine from the diet, caffeine may have negative effects on weight loss, due to it's propensity to spike blood sugar (and thereby promote the body to store more fat than usual).
So, we realize all of this stuff...but will it change anything?
How fast will the bottle be back in our hands?
Can we maintain the regimen planned of trying to mimic the general composition of the meals they've been providing, only drink alcohol on Friday and Saturday night, and coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings?
It seems daunting work, yes...but there's a weight loss goal on the docket...and not reaching it would...suck.

Other than that, it'll be...nice...being back at home again for a few weeks...probably.

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  1. Caffeine is probably the biggest obstacle in my weight loss. I drink it nonstop. Plus, in letting physical pain keep me from moving as I should...
    You can do this.