Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: Day Nine

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The wireless signal in this building is literally driving me nuts. And turning the smartphone into a hotspot is often pointless since there's so much steel and concrete surround this building that the signal is weak in most spots. This is not making research projects very easy, as it's a ridiculous feat trying to get the campus library website (where there is student access to a plethora of peer-reviewed journal articles for writing papers) to load. It's like 56k dial-up. Flashback to the 90's when you could get up, make a sandwich or go to the bathroom and return to a page that is almost done loading.


So, this is day six. Sunday was the same food Thursday (dubbed "pasta day") and the day was over just in time. Isolation is fine, but they have the doors here locked 24 hours, and they escort you out, and have to let you in when you come back, so it's not like going for a nice walk over the weekend was even an option. Additionally Sunday was another 2 hour sessions of breath bags every 15 minutes after each meal. Six hours of breathing into a bag 24 times. They'll be doing that again on Friday and Saturday this week...

Monday it was nice to get out, but after about six hours it felt like time to crawl back into the little carpeted oasis that is the room we've been staying in since last Wednesday.

With all of this free time, it really should feel like more homework is getting accomplished, but for some reason there's no sense of achievement. Oh well. At least we're not drowning in it anymore.

Today was salmon day again...only one more meal of that left before going home for the two week break. Pretty sure we're going to miss being here. We get up in the morning, provide a "breath bag", get weighed, provide a "breath bag" right before eating breakfast. Get served breakfast. Get ready for classes. Take the lunch that was packed by the kitchen staff, go to class, go to work, come back, get dinner served at one of the meal tables, go to the room, do homework, go to sleep. Of course all of this is punctuated by "breath bag" on the hour, all day long, but it seems worth it.
No cooking. No cleaning. No commute. No having to think about meals, or cats, or anybody. Less stress.

All in all this has been a great experience. The early bedtime has been surprisingly easy to adapt to. Sobriety has been more painless than imagined, mornings go by without a thought of coffee. It'll be interesting to see if that sustains once these feet hit the threshold of home.

Oh, and the shedding of, now, five and a half pounds, since last Monday, is a great catalyst to a good mood. :-)

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