Saturday, September 20, 2014

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: Day Six

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Day Four, Five and Six

Day Four
Finally feeling human again. Minimal to no headaches, felt great not having all of that food in the belly like a damn lead ball. The diet restriction for this two week session is a 40% reduction. It's perfect. Not feeling hungry, but peppery and healthy. It's a diet amount more in line with the usual calorie intake we are used to, so the portions are manageable. Forgot to label two of the breath bags today, so the woman who mans the desk in the a.m. is going to start writing the times on them. #fail.

Day Five:
Have requested a different bed. The one in the room causes severe pain in the hip and legs. It's too hard. Luckily it's long enough, a twin XL (meaning it's longer). Totally missing the king sized bed at home, and the density of the mattress. They put a second mattress outside the door during the day, so now it's a two mattress high affair. A little Princess and the Pea-ish, really.

Day Six:
Saturday. All day has to be spent inside. After each meal they are taking breath bag samples at 15 minute intervals for two hours. Then it's back to the room for studying until the next meal. Repeat for each meal until Monday morning. It's not so bad, after the meal we just stay at the lunch table where the wireless internet connection is superior (back in our room it's akin to dial up. MADDENING) and submit homework assignments and study.
Going without coffee has gotten easier. Once we're released for the two week break it's not likely we'll go back to it right away, just to avoid the terrible headache and slumps, that resulted from the cold-turkey caffeine adventure this past Monday, for the second half of the study.
Gin? It's missed, now if only because it's the weekend, and if only because, well, drinking is fun and it eases the back pain and joint pain. It makes this brain feel warmer, and quicker. Which, yes, is probably an illusion...alcohol is supposed to dull brain function, theoretically.
Officially lost over 4 pounds this week. Two on the regulatory days, and two on the 40% less days. It would be awesome if the weight kept coming off the same way, but it seems like once the body gets used to the calories it will probably taper off. What we wouldn't do for a visit to the gym (exercise is not allowed during the study).

All-in-all it's amazing the difference between the calories amounts makes, as far as mood and a general feeling of health go. While it's only 4 pounds (and incidentally over 7 inches lost from between the waist and the thighs), it results in such a better feeling. A physically happy feeling, even if it isn't always translating mentally.

The isolation isn't so bad. It's actually preferred.
The room we're in reminds us of our old apartment, a big wall length window facing the street and a cushy carpet on the floor. The bathroom is better than the ones at home, mostly because the shower is in better shape and there is enough counter space to put out the makeup brushes and other accompaniments...and no cats to chew on them all. And the lack of commute...heavenly...even though it doesn't feel like it's resulting in extra time, but that's probably just because the required bedtime of 10pm, and the lights out by 10:30. Brutal - that's an hour and a half earlier than generally used to...and on the weekend?  Fahgettaboudit.

It'll be nice to cook again, and eat apples, and cheese (other than the shredded cheddar that is the only cheese used in any of the meals that include cheese)...and tend to the garden, and drink the gin...oh, the gin...

 Only seven more days to go...

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