Friday, October 3, 2014

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: The Final Days

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So the last day was actually this past Sunday, which ended at noon. The Saturday excessive eating was brutal. Like, disgusting. Mostly dinner was the worst. All-in-all the calorie count was over 3800. This for a body with a RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) of just over 2400 calories. So, the excess alone was just a little less than the amount of calories we eat in a day normally. It still is unclear why they end the study that way. It seems cruel. Not only that, but it caused a 3 pound wight gain - which has came off since then. Yesterday they redid the weight, the DEXA and RMR test so that they can adjust the calories for the next two week portion of the study coming up a week from this coming Monday.

Oh, yeah, this is what 3800+ calories looks like:


3800+ Calories
So, the first session is over. (yay, no more milk!)

Tonight is the first night having alcohol in 18 straight days (yum), tomorrow will be the first coffee (mmmmm) since the same amount of time.

Overall it was a good experience. The weight loss was great. Like super great. It also provided a lot of much needed studying opportunity, and the next session will be essential to writing at last two of the six essays that are due in the next couple of months. The research for them has been underway for weeks now. Like, swirling madness of Russian serial killer fare, geological related fracking research, mental illness and pop culture, First Amendment and internet bullying legal cases, and implications of smartphone mobility and social media as related to life as spectacle. Plus a yet-to-be-determined midterm essay of as yet unknown topic origin. There's no real central core, just branches off of branches. Maybe it's fitting.

In terms of the semester, because this will probably be one of the last posts for a long while...
Turns out taking six classes (18 credits) in one semester was a bad idea. At least once a week we're fighting back tears walking to the car in the transition between classes and work; stress, panic attacks, and escape-by-sleeping and sprinkled between endless reading and going to work. Work, which despite the paycheck, is a waste of time intellectually, as it's primarily menial labor and the time would be better spent studying, reading, writing and maintaining our position on the Dean's List.

Just trying to keep the end in sight, and remember that it's only a couple of months, and we can plug through, and we can do this, and we're so close to done (only one more semester after this!) that anything less than ending strong would just be a massive disappointment.

Here's to staying strong...and we're not just talking tonight's drinks.

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