Monday, April 14, 2014

The Best Day This Year

We got rehired for the seasonal part-time job from last summer but they've made it a permanent position and it comes with $1/hour pay raise.

This marks this first time a company has made us feel valuable. They like our work, as menial as the job may be. But more importantly, they like who we are when we come to work - flirty, mouthy, bitchy, opinionated, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sensitive, funny, moody...even more, they don't even bat an eye at the inconsistency.

We're totally employable! They like us. They really like us!

In addition, we received word today that we have been awarded not one, but two scholarships from the University, from the department in which we're majoring, for the next two semesters (our last year). No word on the amount, but every little bit helps. This is the first time in our 6+ years of higher education we have ever applied for a scholarship, and we have one of our favorite (female)  instructors to thank for the last minute urging to at least try. (We weren't going to because the "popular vote" was that it felt too much like "begging" by writing a letter saying why "I" deserved free money).

So now the last two weeks of classes (which is when the first day of work starts) will be a total crunch, what with work and all the final projects and exams, but it will be worth it because we can finally stop living off of the savings account for good, which will relieve some major underlying stress that is causing some strange/unusual reactions - waking up feeling strangely hollow and empty, having a hard time moving, feeling like nobody is operating this body and it's just on auto-pilot. At least we think it might be related to that stress.

So, all in all this is probably the best day this year. Have to say, waking up this morning, it didn't feel like it would be.

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