Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Best Time of the Year

Too much reading and too much writing leads to too much drinking.

The day of the week-and-and-a-half "push" is upon us.

With two 10-page papers, and a media convergence assignment (in which a roughly 1800 words of text are required), all due on the 7th of May, the first day of work starting tomorrow, panic is simmering. We're going back to work, this time permanently, instead of seasonally. Hurrah! It will be relieving one aspect of stress (financial), but adding another (loss of time). The amount of final projects for this semester are astounding, the amount of reading and writing is, and was, absurd. If the pages written were compiled, it would be book length, easy.

Today was spend reading the second section of David P. Lynch's True to Life: Why Truth Matters. And boy, is that a dry bone. Meanwhile we managed too eek out 4 pages of reflection (last week's section garnered six). It's been hard to stay on focus, so much reading and writing - and it's all different subjects: from political science to journalism pieces [on a local event/happening] to philosophy to interpersonal communications. From one to another to another and by the feels impossible that we could have absorbed as much as we should have. But the end of the semester is so close, we can almost touch it with out tongue...for the next couple of weeks we just need to bare down and plow through and hold tight to sanity.

The stretcher strips are waiting to be draped in canvas (we have a planned series of paintings for the summer); tomorrow the potato seeds arrive, which means it's almost time for planting, and the dark inviting soil of the garden will be bearing produce in no time. Inventive recipes from what is pulled from her will be part and parcel of this summers blog postings (you're thrilled, surely) just to get the value out of the culinary degree laying waste in our brain. Soon it will be time to hit the lakes and rivers and catch some fish. There are books to read (some in preparation for next semester) and things to write. And of course work.

And let's not forget summer guests and the Toronto Tweetup in June.

Summer is the best time of year, obviously, we are at our most creative and energetic. Hopefully we arrive in it with sanity intact and ready to suck the marrow, because before we know it, next Semester will baring its ugly head. I hate to be prideful, but I'm pretty proud that we've made it through the last two semesters with very few major mental health issues, it wasn't always easy, but hopefully it will continue to trend.

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