Friday, November 1, 2013

Midterm Grades

So, the midterm grades are in...

Information, Technology, and Social Change
The exam grade: 94%
The grade: A
Public Speaking
The exam grade: None
The grade: A
College Composition II
The exam grade: None
The grade: A
The exam grade: 76%
The grade: B (barely)
Meteorology Lab (lab is graded separately)
The exam grade: None
The grade: A (low)

It's about a 3.8-3.9 GPA so far. To sustain it would be glorious.

Realistically we'll be maintaining everything but the meteorology grades, but now that we've been laid off for the winter we have extra time for studying and getting ready for the comprehensive final exam (*gulps*)...we might be able to pull the two Meteorology grades into comfortable territory and keep them. Here's hoping.

We've been holding it together pretty good so far, mentally.

With the semester on the down-slide, they're piling the homework on now. There are three more papers (now that the second one had been submitted for grading) due, a speech nearly every week, continued assignments and exams...the week of December 16th is Finals Week...we can see it on the horizon. Six short weeks and then we have a month of nothing but writing, painting, baking, cooking, decompressing and getting ready for Spring Semester...which is going to be full up 300/400 level classes...if we get the schedule we want. Oh, and drinking...we might do a bit of drinking...hahahahaaaaaaaaaa!
Oh, and then there's the mental breakdown on the back-burner...

Happy Saturday, readers and friends (and family).