Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Tribute Speech of a Different Color

The assignment for public speaking class tonight was to write a tribute speech about yourself 30 years from now, as told and presented by someone else. 
It was amazing to hear all the awards and accomplishments fellow students figured they'd perhaps achieve in 30 years. Everything from ending WWIII, to curing cancer, to inventing flying cars, to achieving World Peace, reviving entire villages in third world countries...and it just goes on and on. Where do these crazy kids come up with this stuff, hey?...silly kids with their silly dreams ;-)It was almost vomit inducing.
And then along came Frankie...with her eulogy. Yes. We wrote our funeral eulogy. Out of 21 students, it was the only one. It's unclear how it was received, though the instructor enjoyed it, using it as a specific, and only, example of using humor and imagination (ha!) in a tribute speech.
What did the speech sound like?
Something like this...

It began very beautifully talking about how "She" "succumbed to wanderlust" in her early adult years living a "nomadic life" often "punctuated by forays into secondary education" desiring to achieve "something personally remarkable" by living a fulfilling like full of experiences. Then later in life "She" became a  "recluse"
"often finding solace in retreating to the online world of 1’s and 0’s, having philosophical debates on topics dear to her like food security, poverty and equal rights, fighting for social justice and equality, spending much of her time writing about personal philosophies on current events, often escaping to the comfort of her brushes and paints, spending hours in her studio painting.

In the last months she spent most of her time in solitary confinement of her own making, writing, alone in her studio, drinking copious amounts of Gin and putting the final touches on her masterpieces. She passed away in her sleep, just as she had always wanted, having lived a life just as she wished."

And with that...

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  1. I simply love that you chose a eulogy.
    When do they start taping speeches? ;)