Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Saturday Night Rant

Recently we had a blog comment from someone who had an opinion about our mental "illness".

Based on nothing, making claims with nothing backing it up, this "troll" basically stated that because no money was being put into the research of our mental illness (a lie), that it was therefore illegitimate...and shouldn't we just "give it a rest"..."get over it"...

We deleted it. Because who needs to read that over and over.

Not us.

People struggle, from childhood-based post-traumatic stress disorder (which is what dissociative identity disorder is), to adult post traumatic stress, to bipolar disorder, to depression...and beyond.
How dare someone discount another person's life-long coping mechanism, another person's life experience, another person's mental health...because funding is not being put into its research.

We understand how illogical our condition is and seems; we also know that our real life experience with who we all are is real. It sucks. It's hard sometimes. Some days we want to die. But it is all we have ever known; without each other we would be dead many times over...we are our own safety net, full of holes, but still here.

Hey, asshole. DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) has no specific symptoms that can be cured by a pill, that there doesn't already exist one for. Money for research dedicated to the study of it is not freely given, because nobody can make money from it - only profits from some of the symptoms, which medications already exist for.
Or maybe you don't understand how Big Pharma works.

Don't fuck with how people cope with life. One in five Americans are diagnosed with a mental illness, and still, many go undiagnosed, sometimes because of the fear of people who make assumptions, based on nothing at all, just because they don't understand. Don't be that ignorant asshole who just wants to destroy the harmless inner-network of someone's life, just because you don't understand.

<end rant>

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  1. *big, squishy, uncomfortable, and awkward hug*