Sunday, October 20, 2013


More midterm exams next week.
This time in the atmospheric science course and public speaking.
Just had the mid-term in 'Information, Technology, and Social Change' (no word on the grade yet) mid-term from College Comp II - but getting the first graded paper back Monday, and a second paper is due soon.
Also, did the first official speech for Public Speaking this last Wednesday and only got an 85% (boooooooooooo), total horseshit since we did way better than most students. We didn't even say "ummm" once, and most of them did several time. "Ummm" was half the content of most of their speeches! *pokes ears with sharp sticks*
Back to Monday.
The meteorology mid-term.
Unstable atmospheric environments, relative humidity, and precipitation types?
We'll show you unstable atmospheric environments *cries wet tears full of water vapor*.
Next week, hopefully, we'll have grade updates (so far, it seems,we are maintaining A's in everything but meteorology...but we need confirmation).
Thank goodness midterms mean we're half done with classes. That class, anyway. Science gurus, we are not. Not one single one of us.
I'm too old for most of this shit. Mid-December can't come soon enough.

Just let us write, forever, let us write, and paint, and be...well paid, so we can cook nice foods, and drink good alcohol, buy paints and canvas...and that's all we really want.
And to die, someday, to go silently in the night.

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