Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just Another (Short) Political Rant

So...if people who claim to be Republican read and listen to the news we read/hear, the ACTUAL TRANSCRIPTS AND WORDS THAT COME OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY...not just in "libtard" news, but on all channels, all over the internet, in YouTube videos and interviews (we consume too much political content. It's no longer healthy) HEAR what these people say...they are so grossly unAmerican. Yet they are championed.

You have to be kidding thinking any of the thought processes of these people are healthy. The majority of the [GOP] government party is comprised of hateful horrible selfish people.

There needs to be something better than any of the options...because while Republicans/The Tea Party are just batshit crazy...the Democratic party...who are the Democratic party...

This country is destined to be the next fallen empire. Following in the footsteps of history, too ignorant to have learned, too ignorant to recognize; the people are too stubborn, too scared, too indifferent, to get out of the mess.

It's a persistent festering problem.

The government is not necessarily to blame. The people definitely are.

Stop being selfish, start caring for each other. Move past the bigotry, move past the religious posturing; stop being afraid of change.
Elect better people.
Your country depends on it.

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