Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Case of the Curiously Bad Grade

Remember last Thursday when we lamented about how we got a bad grade on a test in the class we felt really confident in (material wise)?

We had a sit down with the T.A. (Graduate Teacher's Assistant - he co-teaches the class) after sending an e-mail immediately after getting the grade and requesting that we go over what we got wrong.

That sit-down happened today.

Turns out we only got 2 wrong out of 30 questions we answered.
There were 40 questions.

Somehow on the back of the second page there were 10 questions we missed, so the answers never made it to the "bubble sheet", so they counted as 10 wrong answers.

Yeah. That happened.

The nice thing though was the instructor said he had been equally as perplexed about the grade because "I" am one of the few who heavily participates in class, and, I guess, knows "the stuff".
Plus we write wicked assignment blogs.

So, the case of the curiously bad grade has been solved.
We're not as dumb as we thought we were after all...at least where atmospheric science/meteorology isn't involved...we're just bird-brained.

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  1. Good for you Frankie! I had a friend in law school who failed a test b/c her professor said you could only write on one side of the blue book, and she was nervous so she used the back as well. And in law school, you only get one shot because one test counts for 100% of the grade. Also because most law professors lost their soul a long time ago. xoxo