Thursday, September 26, 2013

Some Sort of Ranting

Got a two week extension on our employment contract...if we could just get three more added to would be so much better (financially). Then we'll only be "laid-off" for five months, instead of six. *fingers crossed*

Should be finding out about our grade on the (communication) quiz we took last Thursday. For some reason we were "lucky" enough to be a glitch in the system, and our grade is "lost". The professor is looking into it...
It's extremely frustrating because we tend to be very anal retentive about waiting for our grades. We've checked several times a day, every day after the quiz just waiting for it.
We don't test well, and so we have anxiety about it, and to quell the anxiety we NEED TO KNOW THE GRADE A.S.A.P.(!) but came through the system as a 0%! So we send an e-mail to the professor about it, stating "I am fairly confident that I did better than that"...
I am very anxious for tomorrow to find out what we got.
We did not do well on the Atmospheric Science (meteorology) test done the same week (scoring only a 76%, which, for an A-high-B

We're running ourselves ragged trying to write a paper (done and due Friday!), do all the homework, go to classes, go to work, the bloody (that's British for "fucking"), trying to keep the kitchen clean (the fruit flies are insane right now) working out when we can (four times a week on the corsstrainer) and mainting some semblance of "happy time" or "alone time"...

After Wednesdays we are fried.
All day, from waking to just before sleep, countless people are talking at us, with us, to us, around us...there's so much noise and so many people. We go to work, then we go to two classes, then we go back to work, then we go to another class...that's around three hours long...then we drive 40 minutes home. The day is too much for our head...too much...but there's only about eleven of them left...


The paper to be turned in on Friday is awesome, so we'll probably end up posting it after it has been graded. Aren't. You. Fucking. Lucky.


  1. So...
    Did you kick some ass or what?!

  2. We did not :-(
    Got a FAR lower grade than expected.

    We'll do better next time. *sigh*

  3. That's ok...but bring your A game next time
    you got this