Monday, September 9, 2013

Eating Some Pride

Literally almost cried in front of the Meteorology lab instructor today because in the time it took everybody else to do five questions we couldn't get past the first and couldn't remember how to do proper unit conversions for word problems...

Even with him helping it was near impossible. It ended up taking over an hour and a half to do five apparently basic questions on our own. Who knows if they are even right!

Not a single one of us is good at math. Some can't even add very well (as we found out one day in a previous job, much to our chagrin, and the disappointment of our manager and the accountant).

...and so, this Semester has just started to feel like it's never going to end. We loath the lecture class (he goes too fast), and now the lab...

Thankfully this will be the last math-science class we have to take for the rest of our University career. We just need to pass with a 'C'. Sadly it will destroy out grade point average.

Time to eat some of our pride.

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