Thursday, September 12, 2013

Media Conglomeration: Homework Highlight #2

It's from our favourite class, this assignment, which is appropriate since it's a communication class.

Last week we posted a response to a critical thinking assignment, this week we'll do the same (there's just not enough time to write anything for the blog these days, except in great times of stress - sorry).

One of the questions from this [past] week was about the thrust of concern when it comes to media conglomeration, and whether or not "I" agree.

"The thrust of the concern about media conglomerations is the systematic removal of democracy by a relatively small (special interest) group of people. Freedom is choice and choice is democracy. The concern, which I agree with, is that if a handful of large organizations own the media, they dictate what we see, what we hear, what we know. They create programming to serve their own agenda; aside from the obvious financial agenda that is the cornerstone of our ever-growing Consumer-based “Free Market” society/government. The risk is the removal of consumer choice to make informed decisions about our world, thereby taking away our individuality and our personhood, which are the wonderful parts of freedom, democracy and a diverse mass communications system."
It may surprise you how short the response was, but it's easily 3x that of most of the students in the shall defend it no more.

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