Sunday, November 24, 2013

Do Not Disturb: Essay in Progress

"Regular" blogging has been suspended for a couple of weeks.
We're working on writing "the big essay" of the year. Currently in the proposal and annotated bibliography phase, the final ten plus page research paper is due in about two weeks. If it all goes as planned it's going to be a great paper defending fair living wages, or raising the minimum wage, with historical context of how wage growth in the lower tiers of income levels have stagnated while the growth of productivity over the last 30 years has increased, lending to high levels of income equality and the shrinking of the middle class. And other elements.

Something, something, something. Hey, it has to be at least eight pages (our personal goal is twelve pages)...we have some work to do,

So, that's where we'll be...when not Tweeting, of course. :-)

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