Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spring Semester Courses...and some rambling...

It's official...Spring Semester 2014 classes have been registered for...already. We will be taking...*drum roll*...

- Introduction to Media Writing (gonna be a total breeze)
- Interpersonal Communication (the study of communication between two or more people, a.k.a. small group communication , self-expression and how people present themselves and perceive others...)
- Knowledge, Truth and Reality (interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of knowledge, truth, and reality from the perspectives of science, philosophy, and religion)
- American Political Thought (Political Science course on the historical analysis of major thinkers and of the streams of thought which molded United States political life and institutions from the Puritans to the present)
- Social Psychology (Researching individual behavior in its social context: how the individual acts upon social environments, and interacts with other individuals)

It's a full schedule...but at least we won't have to take a fucking science class ever again *fingers crossed* as long as we pass Meteorology.

It's nice being recently laid-off for the winter (5 months), but somehow it's translating into some real procrastination...apparently we need more structure (?). However, it has given time to focus on some health stuff, so we plunged-in and started going to the gym on campus, because our home elliptical machine doesn't seem to be enough. We have gotten...uncomfortably "heavy"...weight has always been a struggle, and this year it has been predominate. It's been affecting our mental balance.

Yes, this is a boring rambling post...
Yes, we have had a bit to drink.

Oh, here's our very favourite advertisement for 2013...and also, a GREAT idea for a "prank" Christmas gift. No, we are not getting paid to promote this, it's just the most hilariously honest advertisement...maybe ever...

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  1. Sounds like a good selection of courses. I loved social psych :)