Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We're In Love With a Chair...

This is not an advertisement, we are not being paid to talk about or promote this product.

It's a chair.
(<- not that chair)

As many may know we several permanent and degenerative back and spine problems from a terrible collision with a semi-truck on an interstate in '04, followed by terrible medical care. So back pain is a plaguing problem every day, some days worse than others. Pain killers are ineffective, and we can't afford the massage therapy required to ease much of the pain, or some of the causes of it.
However, this doesn't prevent us from being physically active...we work out a lot (about 5 hours total a week), we lift things, sling things, skin and butcher deer ('tis the season)...in between sitting on our ass doing nothing.
These activities are not without their additional tole on the back, spine and muscles.

At the university we are attending there is a private quiet meditation room free for students to use for 15 minutes (or more, if nobody is waiting) to provide some quiet time to relax and de-stress.
In this room is the most wonderful chair in the world.
A massage chair.
And not just any massage chair...
The Human Touch ThermoStretch® HT-7120 Massage Chair...
(It even comes in brown <3!)

We got a little freaked out the first time we used it, when the massage portion that works on your skull. It actually feels like human fingers (THERE ARE LITTLE PEOPLE SEWN INTO THE CHAIR!! [not really]).

The whole experience is...amazing. At a price of $3000 dollars it better be. Thankfully we have free use of it whenever we're on campus, for at least the next 1.5-2 years; but, you know...if you're looking to buy your favourite bloggers a Christmas gift...;-)

The love for this chair, that gave us a massage without any perceived reluctance, expectations of payment or...expectations of anything else...got us thinking.

What with all the "tools for single life" (yeah, we're talking sex toys, for the..."single people")...and this chair...and social media for "companionship"...who really needs dating anymore...

Ha! We jest...but not about that chair.
We're going to file for a marriage licence.

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