Thursday, November 14, 2013

Alteration Frustration

Met with our academic adviser today, and was told we had to swap a class we were exited about (schedule conflict).The swap = 'Social Psychology' for 'Business and Technical Writing'.
It's total horseshit because:
A) in high school we opted out of 12th grade English to take Writing for Technologies (same thing, basically, as Business and Technical Writing)...but you know...that was...*gulp* seventeen (what?!) years apparently that doesn't count now?
B) we can a lot of different ways, and with professional discretion...even drunk! (Shocking...right?)

It's total crap that we have to take that class.
Why do we care?
It's another 3 credit course away from being done.
Not that it wouldn't be great to be a student forever. Learning is fucking awesome. Homework, writing papers, reading, going to lecture amazing...but for the being "poor" (no student is making "mad cash") part.

Somehow our academic adviser doesn't realize that leaving this state, for another one, or another country, is top priority...he seems to think because it took himself 30+ years to finish his double-major...that somehow that should be our standard. Ugh.

What a single alteration of one class registration might mean, is a postponing of graduation...a nearly 5 month delay. It may not seem like a lot...but as the years go by, 5 months (plus, possibly, a a summer break in between) can feel...terrible.

That was the peak of the day.

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  1. What a load of horse dookey. Sorry to hear. I too enjoy being a student well into my 30s (I feel you there), but no, we don't make a lot of money. Some people don't realize that others may have different goals from their own, which may be the reason the adviser doesn't understand. Idiots are everywhere. I'm just proud that I haven't heard of a massacre on a college campus attributed to a sexy and smart Frankie ;-) All I know is...when you guys leave the country, take us with you?