Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back In The Social Saddle, Again

James' new buddy is super active and social. He would be described as a Wild Man by many.

During dinner Thursday night he invited us to a barn dance the following night. Of course there was no way we could pass it up, we'd never been to a barn dance, and also thought that would be a perfect "all-American" experience for James. So, we said yes, and last night we danced the night away in a packed barn in the middle of nowhere.

Needless to say it of the most fun nights we've had as a couple in the nearly two years we've been together. And on a personal level, we hadn't been out dancing since October 2010, so it was nice to dust off the proverbial boots and get back on the dance floor.

Wild Man can cut a rug, so we had a lot of fun doing all sorts of crazy dance moves on the floor with him, making a spectacle of ourselves. James said when he and us went on the floor, people would actually stop and watch, laughing, but not in a mean way, in an amused way. We also danced with James the first time ever.

We not being prone to social situations over the last two years, as a couple we've actually only attended two other social engagements: The Tweetup last May, and a bowling work party last month. We can tell it's going to become more frequent too. Wild Man even invited us out to a comedy show in the city nearby for tonight, but we're pretty sure we need to ease back into this "getting out" stuff and will probably pass. We know there will be many more opportunities.

There hadn't been so much laughing and smiling in ages, and after the first 30 minutes or so we didn't even have any feelings of anxiety.

Who knew that we'd find ourselves in this place. Life sure is full of surprises. Not to jinx anything, but it's panning out to be a great year so far...

This can't be good.

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