Friday, March 15, 2013

Untitled Friday

Stupid headache and a bad mood.
One of THOSE kinds of headaches, (no, not PMS-type) and a feeling of...being scrambled.
Simple as that.

The weekend is upon us. More painting walls, as we decided to paint the dining room after all.
Soon we will have pictures for you.
Dad (The Father) had said he was coming for the weekend, but there is a storm brewing and it might make it difficult, so he won't be coming.

It's officially two weeks since the house sale was finalized and we moved out of The Mother's basement, and  into our own place. It's been pretty great despite all the stress, arguing, frustration, and bleeding of money from our savings account. James is definitely better for it; he's much more happy and content, on average.

It's been hard to get into the studio to start painting (on canvas, no walls). The house actually has small closets and rooms, so our clothes are in the studio closet, and some in the guest room closet, where the dresser also resides because it won't fit into the "master bedroom". James' clothes are in the master bedroom closet and he may have to put some in the guest room too. There's no real fix for that, so it's just the way it will have to be. In the meantime there are stacks of clothes waiting to be shoved in the closet (which is stuffed already) and books and odds and ends with no particular place to go sitting all over the place. It makes us irritated just thinking about it. Meh. We'll live. We'll just have to throw some more crap out, or spend more money on "storage solutions".

Meanwhile, pass us an ice pick for our head.

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