Monday, March 18, 2013

The Face of the GOP Cliff: A Short Rant

Just as the GOP attempts to reface their party to be more modern, and makes plans to "target" youth who are not old enough to have voted for Reagan; they are attempting to continue their stance against equal same-sex marriage rights, they are moving forward on passing a bill to grant "personhood" to unborn fetuses[1] in attempt to ban abortion rights, they are rejecting the social services that are required of a developed country, they pass on raising the living wage to an amount that people working those jobs might actually be able live on ($9/hour)[2], and they buck against universal background checks for gun sales (though that's the least of them). That's really the short list.

They seem to forget the kids who weren't old enough to vote Reagan also aren't old enough to know what the GOP used to be. They used to be better. So by targeting them they have to be better. The youth only know the GOP by names like Bush, Bush...and people like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, and by policies that convey a stripping of personal rights, and a focus on corporate rights.
Maybe instead of targeting youth they should really strive for real change; change with the times, and realizing growing with principles of freedom that the increasing majority of people hold dear IS being modern; maybe they should target everyone by changing or altering some of their social platforms.

The GOP has a few good men, as it were, but they are outright rejecting them, men like Chris Christie; but instead they hold up people like Donald Trump, who is basically Mitt Romney with more money, more narcissism, less heart, and less brains, to represent their party.

One must they know what modern even looks like? It certainly doesn't look like rolling back advancements and achievements in human rights. It certainly doesn't mean stripping physical and mental freedom from able-minded people. It certainly doesn't mean miring society in rulings that makes people's life less their own. It doesn't look like the inane ramblings of Donald Trump[3], the ignorance of Sarah Palin, or the smarmy self-satisfying smirk of Mitt Romney.

Modern actually looks like what this country has striven to do since it's inception. Granting people personal rights, social progress, freedom for all.

When do those modern advancements start happen in their party.

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An interesting read:
What You Need to Read in the RNC Election Autopsy Report, Garance Franke-Ruta, The Altantic, March, 18, 2013,

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  1. I don't think they will ever change. Even Speaker Boehner stated that he doesn't think he will ever change his views on same-sex marriage, as he was taught via his family and the bible (I have issues with that, but I shall write a post about that in a different place), and while there have been Republicans who have changed their stance (Sen. Portman changed his when he found out his son was gay), Boehner contends that he would remain against same-sex marriage even if he found out his own son was gay. I don't think anything will change if they keep the archaic principles in place.