Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mere Bright Spot

Today wasn't the greatest day, though it did have a few bright spots. Well, one or two. Well, one (unless we count going out for wings (we hardly ever get to go out and eat). Work is exhausting, though we like it. The weather is cold, which makes some of us miserable. We've only made it the gym once this week. And we're craving moving out...

We took a look at the house that we, and James, feel is our best option in the city (mostly as an affordable means to get a place of our own for awhile). That was our bright spot.

Tomorrow we're putting an offer on the house, we've looked at twice this week. It's going to be a low offer. I'm not feeling optimistic about it being accepted.

The house also needs a lot of renovation: new kitchen (including removing a wall), new bathroom, new flooring, all new paint (and removal of a lot), and a deep deep cleaning...someday new siding, and it needs gutters...and that's just off the top of my head; a lot of work, like all the ones we looked at in the country this past summer. It makes me tired just thinking about the work.

We're just focusing on the room in the basement slated to be our painting studio and office. Or as Mother and James joke...The Frankie Cave...

~ Cassandra (et al)

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