Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crossing Over...

We've made an "extended-family safe" Facebook account.
It's full of people who, if they knew this blog, if they knew...well...anything about us, really...

We'd never agree to see them again.

Dad, Mom, and both brothers (and their wives), know their way here. For over a year now, they've been able to find it all. It's been confronted face-to-face.

But extended family? No. Some of them know. One, that we know of. Dad told one of his brothers...about our..."condition".

There has now become a grey area...between us...and..."me". There is no me. There hasn't been...forever. Just the fa├žade of one. We got of "her"...but now. Now, she'd come in handy (as much as we hated her).

It was easy to avoid when we lived in other countries, in other states, too far to travel from for family gatherings.

It's all changed now. Now we're back "home". It's harder to avoid.

Their Christian principles, their overall NRA-backing principles...anti-abortion, anti...most things we stand for, and everything those things entail...if they crossed paths with our uncensored honestly...with us. This blog. Our Twitter(s). What we maintain as our real Facebook account.

Well. We can't even imagine.

Now we balance two Facebook accounts. It's like a split, within several others.

This should

A project in being...normal. Probably.

The day we accidentally cross the two accounts should, at least, make a good story...

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