Friday, September 21, 2012

We Buy The Farm

Finally! Finally the property seller has met us with an offer we can accept.

A tennis game of volleying offers and counter offers back and forth, and in the end they suddenly dropped their end by 6x's the increment they had been dropping it by, to an amount $2000 less than the offer we gave them two months ago.

So far it all looks good, with a closing date in a month. Luckily we're still packed from the last move, so getting ready to move will be more of a mental preparation as we prepare for the possibility of days without electric, running water and heat as we start renovations. (we don't know if the well works, but it needs to be replaced. The electrical is terrible, a hazard, so it needs to be replaced and the house needs to be insulated so that when we get the gas tank for the heat we don't end up wasting it... among other big things that need to be done fast before snow flies).
We'll be having several inspections done in the next 10-15 days, just for peace of mind, to make sure the situation isn't any worse than we figure (not sure how it could be *knocks on wooden coffee table*). We can always back out based on an inspection, but why would we? We've been waiting for this property since mid-June.

A distressed house in the peaceful country on 40 acres that have been vacant for about 2 years just became our next home. This will be an adventure.

Holy fuck.

We just bought the farm.

(Pictures can be found here:


  1. I am so freaking excited (and not quite as jealous) about this for you!!! Next summer, when I finally have a car worthy of a road trip, I am SO coming to see you!
    *happy dances*