Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let's Talk About Policy Framework, Baby

Just a short blip for today, as we're going to work on a little packing for our upcoming worries, soon we won't be writing about politics as much, we'll be back to writing about...whatever it is we usually write about.

Paul Ryan Falls Apart When Asked How Romney Will Pay for Tax Cuts for the Rich (<-links to video, and transcript, etc.), but it's all about the framework, why can't that be enough?

Somehow Ryan can't grasp that a "framework" doesn't tell the people enough, a frame is empty. Not telling the public details, and waiting until they can work with exactly like keeping it behind closed doors and "hatching it in the backroom". Which is what he is trying to say they don't want to do.
"That’s exactly what I’m suggesting, having it in public before the election so voters can have that information before they make up their minds." ~ George Stephanopoulos to Paul Ryan on ABC's 'This Week', September 09, 2012
A framework is really easy to change, or manipulate, given they have no real plan to share, they can change and manipulate the framework; and then once you put the outside on the framework, you can fill it with anything you want.

"Look, I/we never outlined the facts, we gave you a framework, you trusted that we would turn the framework into something, even though we never said exactly what that would be, so you can't hold us responsible for taking the framework of this house, and turning it into a boat."


Meanwhile, people, do your research. Don't accept people who create loopholes so that if their feet end up stuck to the fire nobody can call them a "failure", like they are so apt to do to the current administration. (Also, remember, it's more than one man that runs this, or any, country.) If you don't stand for know the rest of the story - that also goes for those who don't actually stand for their own plan, by making them of empty framework "promises", so you'll fall for anything.

And watch the 2012 Presidential debate on Wednesday night.

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