Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Acceptance and Social Media

Acceptance goes a long way.

A couple hundred of our followers have been following us for what we figure in nearly two years now (coming up in October, though our activity/interaction didn't become plethoras until months into the "game", our early days were fortuitous and work-related, until the end of December)

Two years later, our core followers (read: most important) have been reading our rants, "seeing" us on bad day, and good days....political, sexual, angry, disturbed...all of us. They saw us heartbroken, meet the man we love for the first time in our life, take our first trip to England, and so much more. Just like the people who have been reading our blog for over two years now.

They know things about us, they have access to thoughts, feelings, ideas...darkness and sadness, that nobody has ever had. They are still there.

We won't lie, when people we recognize, who have followed us for nearly a year, happen to unfollow us (either by purpose, or Twitter mis-design) we feel slightly dejected. friends in life (ours, who are ever fleeting), there is, NOW, always a new person, someone willing to accept every part of us, each of us, who we are.

How can people think that Twitter means nothing.

We've had friends, in the flesh, who have forsaken us, sold us out, abandoned us, for less...for far less that the things we share on any of the social media platforms we frequent; for far less than who we are.

Drop-jawing amazed at friendships, even in mostly digital form - to date we have met over 20 people originating from Twitter, many who we would consider friends, and share private things with, even things we don't write means something to us. We are not so calloused to understand and appreciate that.

To our friends. May your lives be blessed, as you bless ours.

~ Ivy, Frank, and et al.

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