Thursday, September 20, 2012

Us, on Facebook

And you thought sticking with us on Twitter was tough.

With an unlimited amount of character spaces to work with we sometimes go on diatribes on Facebook.

In addition we share beautiful images, and memes; keep up on art and photography; read and comment on the news; make strange jokes; share and talk with people who are our friends; go irate over food security; roll our eyes and take deep breaths over the staunch patriotism of people to the point of being blind to the anti-freedom spew they unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) unleash while metaphorically holding a bible in one hand, and the flag in the other; cute kittens (sometimes) and funny videos; take part foreign policy and political commentary and opinion; keep abreast of mental health policies. And so much more.

Admittedly in a non-election year we tend to be a little less...politically aggressive, but it's been instrumental in our further education and learning about how the government works, and it's interesting to see what other people think.

We also use Facebook as a way to both share our opinions publicly while addressing family members (and sometimes to other people), commenting on things they write/share; since we won't "like" or comment directly to their status/posts...yet. Mostly because doing so would draw the attention of extended family who would recognize our photo...who would be very confused, perhaps angry, perhaps intolerant, over things they read both on our Facebook page, and here on this blog, particularly family history of sensitive nature. It's a way to communicate with them, and also get our friends involved in range of discussions. (and because phones...ICK!)

So, if you thought sometimes we're mouthy irritating smartasses on could be worse. (maybe you don't "follow" us in either places, in which case LUCKY YOU!)

We'll be honest, this blog post is basically for keeping track of some of the things we want to use for later writing, as well as "phoning it in"...because we had some canning to do and errands to run today.

But here's a Facebook taste:

"If we'd been born in this age in the 60's we'd have been a giant people and peace loving hippie, with an extensive arrest record...instead we are this, here, and we do what we can, and we follow our passion, and we speak from our heart, because while the way we grew up shaped us, THE WAY WE GREW UP shaped us.

Our family was on public assistance in the 80's, WIC, a federally funded program, mom grew the garden, raised animals to eat, to take care of 3 growing worked a factory job to pay the rest of the bills. They barely scarped by. We wore hand-me-down clothing, even underwear, and our Christmas gifts were purchased from summer garage sales with "Santa" written on them. Brothers and us gave each other newspaper wrapped gift, our own toys, given to each other. We had very little, and we never asked for much, and it has helped us, to this day, not expect much.

So, damn right we will support our roots, and the people are still rooted there, who struggle, because even with very little bills, mom and dad couldn't afford to buy us new clothes, or new toys.
We were taught compassion, while getting none.
We were taught love, while getting very little.
We may not all (within us) agree, but one thing that is the thread in all of us, is that a good person is not defined by how much money they make, by who they love, by their belongings, and ability to have a house full of things. A good person is defined by love, loving good people for who they are, having compassion for people who struggle, and helping when they can.

Yes, there are people who abuse the system, just like anything there are people who abuse. They abuse children, gun rights, freedom, they abuse religion, and people...that doesn't mean it is the status quo.

You can damn bet we will expand on this tomorrow, in another blog post...where we will still stand up, proudly, for the political party that more accurately portrays the beliefs we have. Because if it wasn't for people like us, before us, "Lord" know's where we would be today."

(NOTE: written September 6th, we have yet to expand on it, but...when we went to sleep in the winter we wore a hat and snow suit to stay warm. Glasses of water next to our bed froze in the middle of the night because of high heat costs and wood stove heating in an old house, as did the shampoo in the bathroom.
We were at the bottom of what would not be called the 47%. We are proud of our "poor roots", they were part of what made us who we are. Dad worked hard to give us what he could.
Fucking never...but we'd still never expect other people to live the way we did, nor would be expect them to

"The way America has been taught to be consumers, it could never sustain an economy of primarily "Made-in-America" prices at this point. If you think otherwise, you don't understand consumer culture, nor do you understand what the impact of narrow competition, and lack of free-trade, has on prices of products. Economics. Free-trade, competition, and low-prices were the life-blood of the foundation of Capitalism.
In the end the average low-paid Americans cannot afford to buy it's countries own poorly made products."

"It's not "our generation: that is the problem, it's the inability to be loving and accepting - it's the self-righteousness and wide-spread ignorance of people.
"Our generation" has brought acceptance and tolerance, tries to promote it, wants it to exist.

It's the older generation, unable to deal with the younger generation's ability to accept people who are different...that is the problem.
the struggle between the two, right now, that is the problem.
You can see it in the political campaigns, as well as everywhere else.

And as much as "The Good Old Days" may hold a lot of tug to our heart, as an independent woman who understands the progress that has been made for equal rights to many different types of people...minorities, women, gays, etc...the good old days...were really just the old days.

No disrespect."


Oh, and this wicked picture:


"The world is fucking mad.

It doesn't come down to men loving men, woman loving woman, females making reproductive choices, equality and freedom as the source of madness.

The destruction of the world is greed, power, and those with it trying to make the people without do their bidding to further line their pocket, while propping up thier platform with so-called "Christian values".

"My" having pr
emarital sex with men, having been sexually in love with another woman, supporting women who don't want to become a "drain on society" by making responsible reproductive choices, supporting people who have had life kick them in the ass at the hands of the rich, and caring about the less fortunate...or, as you might say "my loose morals", are NOT what are making the world a mad place.

It's money, and power.

Really really think about it."


"Over on Google+ people are all in huff because How Dare They Use Beef Bones to Make Gelatin For Gummies?!
Over here we're all...yeah, don't you learn about what you put in your mouth. What did you think gummie bears were made of, fucking magic?

Also, gelatin NATURAL. Idiots all up in arms.

"...learning is fun...

"We're a 1956 Republican,
as it's known today,
a 2012 Democrat (wit some Liberal/Green leanings)"


"So, the chair of the house budget committee for Republican VP, hey?
Because he's done such a great job helping managing the money the last two years, he should be VP and have more responsibility.

What the Fuck, people.
What. The. Fuck.

The Republicans must be counting on people not understanding anything about how the government actually works.

There will be further fleeceing of the herd, and the sheep will stand around bleeting in astonishment, naked and shivering;
While others claim to foresee the end of times with the taste of self-fulfilling prophecy tumbling from their mouths, and others barely restrain, through pallid lips, crimson tongue behind clenched teeth, of foretold warnings."

Oh, and these tasty toes:

So, see...we have some hardcore awesome tolerant friends, and some really loving family members on Facebook...

Go ahead, roll your eyes...we don't care, because it only makes you look crazy.

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