Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Nights Are Not For Homework

To be honest, most nights aren't (for homework) around here.
*takes a drink*
Having all of our classes compiled into Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in varying amounts, means all day Tuesday and Thursday are for homework (meaning: reading, reading, reading...and more fucking reading)...and anytime spent on workout equipment that doesn't make our eyes cross at the campus "fitness center". Tocqueville's Democracy in America is too heavy to hold on to [it's over 800 pages!]...aim for the light the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

What we're saying is...
*takes a drink*
Wait. What were we saying?

Oh, Friday nights aren't for homework.

Also, the internet has been digesting the remains of our soul.

It's actually almost full body consumption.

Some heathen fare, at that. (it's fucking cold, we could do with some Hellfire)

So, put down that homework, and pick up a drink, (no homework? Just drink) and let's take a trip around the internet universe with Frankie, shall we? (If you follow us on G+ or Facebook, some of this may be "old hat") The highlights, anyway.

*takes a drink*

First stop: Reading!

5 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression
by Mark Hill
(If you don't laugh at least once, please have your funny bone checked out by a professional. Also, he's spot-on)

Odd Jobs: Turning Your Ashes Into a Vinyl Record
By Eric Spitznagel
(Press us into some records, scatter the rest)

*takes a drink*

Second Stop: Music!

Blalock's [no idea who "he" is] Indie Rock Playlist. Yeah, we're those kind of people (eeek, music hipsters!)...sometimes. And actually, we found this website because...uh...we totally have never illegally downloaded thousands of playlists, albums and/or songs using torrent sites. Nope. Never. Except...that once. And it was yearsssss ago. But it got us thinking. Were there more of them?
And then we found the mecca.
You can totally download playlist after playlist of [indie] music via .zip files. No torrents! (unless you want them) Or even stream the playlists and purchase the best ones (from Google Play. What? You buy things from iTunes?! WITCH! WITCH!)
And yes, we actually purchase ones we really's the right thing to do. *sigh*
But we also bought this gem recently (among others), and she's apparently singing in the Grammy's this year (which we wouldn't be caught dead watching), but still...IT PROVES WE'RE NOT HIPSTERS (right?!)

*takes a drink*

Last Stop: YOUTUBE!

This week in things that will anger theists...


You love cartoons. And making fun of things, while being enlightened. No? Well, then what the hell are you doing on the internet.
Just kidding. (but seriously...)
Can't remember how we stumbled upon this YouTube channel, but sure glad it happened...because it led to others...

(Click Play, You Know You Want To)

...others like...
The Bible Reloaded!
Which makes up for lack of cartoonage with hilariously chosen pictures while they commence with their very entertaining "Bible studies".

So, the point is, Friday night is not for's for letting the internet consume the remains of your soul while you laugh hysterically, or wish you could exist inside of a record now, OR...become a music hipster [the true sign of no soul...]. Or maybe continue being balls deep into that social media stuff (yay, balls!)
It's also, sometimes, for writing completely random blog posts to feel relevant, and promote awesome things.

To Friday!

*takes a drink*

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