Saturday, January 11, 2014


Could have finished a painting tonight, if not for amazing amounts of pain (mostly back and neck) and a wicked headache (no doubt all related). Do you ever just move and sound like a bag of popcorn? Ugh.

It's a strange thing to think a lot about, but yesterday I worked on planning out the garden for this spring. While it produced a reasonable amount of produce, last year's garden was late getting in and had too much empty space due to poor planning. Best to get a start now...there's no telling how much time anybody else in this brain will put in it's planning once classes start, and then work again...and before you know it it will be the end of May and it'll all fall apart. So much distraction birdbrain. Who even knows where the time goes.

Have you ever considered weeds? We've been thinking about weeds a lot lately. What are weeds good for and why do they persist, season after season, despite diligent efforts to pull them up and kill them? They aren't edible. What's the purpose? Even wild animals prefer the plants that grow foods humans eat, so that can't be it. It can't simply be a case of CO2 production, after all, weeds or food plants, they all die in the Fall and have the potential to return in the Spring. Why can't something edible be that easy to reproduce?

Weeds...they don't seem like a practical part of theoretical intelligent design, but then again, very little does.

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