Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Bitty Irrelevant Update

Last Friday night we registered for our Fall courses for University*.

We're pretty excited to be going back and finishing this specific degree (Communications); and a bit nervous, but only because of the balancing of a Full Time class schedule (plus homework, a relationship, and housework), and hopefully Part Time work.

That's a lot of human interaction on a regular basis. And stress. (Welcome, anxiety).

Wait, so what can you do with a Communications Degree anyway? Sounds like a bullshit degree, right?
Turns out there's a lot, and a lot of them piqued our interest, so, fine, more decisions to make.
Here's a sample of a few things we can do once we fill in the gaps and finish our degree: Print Journalism, Media Relations, Broadcasting, Jobs in Social Media Management, Public Relations, Human Resources, Advertising/Marketing, Lobbying, Speech Writing, Graphic Arts/Visual Communications  Writer...the list literally goes on and on...


We have an interview on Thursday, a second one, a followup on a phone interview we had a couple of weeks ago when we went to Minneapolis with James. *fingers crossed*
The job is flexible, and seasonal (6 months) so it's pretty perfect right now.

That's it, just this little update while we work on other things, like painting, and some researched entries...and wasting time doing the other things we do.

*The classes - we might try to add another, we're not sure yet:
- Meteorology I w/ Lab (to fulfill GER [General Education Requirements] science credits)
- Information, Technology and Social Change (required)
- Technology and Change (required)
- College Composition II (required)

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