Thursday, April 4, 2013

And Other Random Things

Some days are better than others, some days are the same.
Rather than always writing about every little emotional and/or messed up experience we have, we just don't. You can sift through over two years of our writing to get a good idea of what life is like.

We're going to Minneapolis, Minnesota next week for four days. We're pretty excited. We even found a decent hotel that'll let us bring the cats. Yes, we're that crazy cat lady.
Actually, we're just cheap. Thrifty? Hmmm...
Why pay $100 in boarding fees when you can just compromise on a hotel and bring the little beasts with. Should be exciting. Nice restaurants, a pool to swim in, museums. It'll be nice to get out of this cultural void we've been in lately.

We heard word about the whole immigration petition denied/paperwork mix-up. Apparently in October the agency that handles the letters forgot to send them, and thought they had, so there was a load of people who got that same letter James got. There was probably some panic around the United States last Saturday. Cruel that it was on a long-weekend too. All the panic and sweating waiting for law offices to open on Tuesday; at least it'll be cleared up, they re-opened his case, and now we wait for the interview date to be re-set.

Today we took a little drive to find the park where there's fishing areas, scouting for Spring fishing. Everything is still terribly slushy, snowy and dirty, it'll be at least another month before we can bring the poles to waters edge; it'll be about the same time we start preparing the garden spot in the backyard. Spring is near, and we could not be more excited to grow our first garden. Hopefully we don't kill it. We have whatever is opposite of a green-thumb.

And other random things...a picture from today, we found them in the park, some friendly deer...not sure why they are in a pen though...poor deers, poor dears. *slaps knee and laughs*

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