Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why We Stopped Using Reddit

We're not..."Reddit Savvy".
Had no idea that you had to actively participate other than upping and downing posts that were interesting or good.
Sorry, were we supposed to be a troll?
Guess we missed the memo on how some people want their private online fantasy land to work.

After 7 links in OVER A YEAR...just SEVEN...we recently encountered this beneath a post we shared about writing (it was an essay for a university class), and then a response from an honest question:

Who knew that some ugly poorly laid out, and hard to navigate and enjoy, website had such intricate delicate rules about how to use it.

It's hard not to judge many Reddit users on this interaction.
But people we shared this with already have.

In any case, you win...clearly fat and impenitent Reddit user...now heat up some pizza rolls in your mother's microwave and go back to the basement.